World of Defense (WoD)

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Game description: World of Defense (WoD)

World of Defense — a cult game for Android and iOS, which you can download for free on our website. Included in the category Best Android Games. We advise you to play it and see all the possibilities.

World of Defense is an interesting arcade strategy game. In it, you can plunge into the world of protecting our planet from real threats. The game itself works offline. However, real rivalry is constantly ongoing between the players. The game also implements real rewards for high places and a lot of interesting things.

Purpose of the game

world of defense скачатьWod was created to give you the opportunity to rid humanity of global problems — the threat of war, global warming, environmental pollution, fires and natural disasters. You become the main person and protect the planet from all troubles. You do not need a super hero. You are a super hero. You only need the right weapon to protect the Earth and a little luck.


In total, there are 11 locations in the game for defense against a military attack.

The threat of war looms over various countries. Our task is to maintain peace.

Countries such as the United States, Europe, China, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Australia, India, New Zealand and even the Moon and the Ocean are at risk!

All these countries and locations need your help. Their armies are powerless, and the threat has grown to the limit. The path of defense will not be easy. But the game can and must be completed.


The game provides for your assistants. Which will help you in this difficult matter. They can cheer you up and cheer you up at any moment. And most importantly, their advantage — they are made for anyone. Everyone will be able to find in them something for themselves.

They cannot attack and help defend physically. Only emotionally.

In total, the game features 6 heroes.

Robot circus




Robot mechanic

Pirate robot

There are two heroes on the map. They can be selected in the main menu of the game.


Also in the section — Tournaments there are special tasks. You can find special quests there. All players are on an equal footing. Your task is to go through each tournament to the maximum and score the most points. So what missions do you have to go through?

  • Saving the world from a coronovirus

The planet is in serious danger. Coronovirus invasion. This is a very dangerous pandemic that must be destroyed very quickly. The problem has been taken out separately and it can only be defended in a tournament.

The storyline is very simple. You need to destroy the virus that falls directly from heaven to earth! To do this, each player is given a certain amount of weapons. All are on an equal footing.

  • Protecting the ocean from debris.

The main goal is to protect the ocean from pollution. Not everyone knows, but our world is becoming polluted. And every day more and more. There is already a lot of garbage in the oceans. And you need to clean this planet. Namely, to destroy all possible debris that falls from the sky. The more you can destroy it, the more valuable prizes you can get.

  • Protection of Australia from fires.

Australia is hot this year. Because of this, serious fires are raging in the country. Our task is to extinguish them all. The storyline of passing the level is very simple. We need to protect the Australian landscape from falling down balls of fire. You have everything you need for this. And do not think that it will be very simple.


The game World of Defense presents a large variety of weapons. The game is constantly updated and types of weapons are added. There are free guns that are activated with the usual touch of a finger. As well as guns, which come in many forms:

Freezing guns They are designed to freeze falling objects with their subsequent destruction. In addition to freezing, they cause small damage — 50xp
Slow guns Slow guns work slightly differently. When hit by a target, they slow it down, slow down its fall and also cause damage — 50xp
Cannon of destruction This type of gun has a special green color. When hit on target, 100xp is taken. And when hit, characteristic explosions occur
Guns of Electricity Electricity is the most powerful force in the game. When hit on target, 200xp is taken. The guns have a lilac color and their hits are very effective.
CannonballsEffective cannons firing a different amount of nuclei. They have a characteristic brown color and they are very powerful. Each core carries 100xp damage.
Super weapons The game features only 2 types of super weapons. These are homing rockets and fireworks. These are effective and unique in their content guns. With their help, you will easily destroy even the most indestructible bombs.


The game World of Defense presents a fairly large number of different bombs falling down. And thanks to updates, their number and variety is constantly increasing.

Here are just some types of falling bombs.

The direction of movement of the bombs is not always strictly down. Often they fall along oblique paths. And there are also species that completely fall along arched and very bizarre trajectories that are difficult to read. Hit it because of this

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World of Defense (WoD)

Game description: World of Defense (WoD) World of Defense — a cult game for Android and iOS, which you can […]


World of Defense (WoD)

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